Security – A serious business

Irrespective of the Security climate prevailing in a particular country or zone, most of the corporate leaders go wrong by giving lip service to Security management while designing and maintaining the operations of a company. This phenomenon is mostly driven by little or lack of understanding of the role Security can and should play in sustaining an outfit. The buzzwords like Security is an overhead or burden are rampant in the corporate world, and unfortunately also with some of the Security managers. It stems from the dearth of requisite understanding of the role a sound Security system can play in the maintaining health and integrity of an outfit. Mostly this trend emanates from the financial considerations. To me, spending on Security is an investment, which in the longer-run rather proves to be FREE.

Security management has assumed greater importance with the advent of terrorism and related hazards, irrespective of the zone one is operating in. It is rather more important to consider Security needs in those areas, which are apparently away compared to those zones, which are at the epicenter of such vulnerability. Consciousness about Security is a natural recourse in the areas rampant with Security risks and there is a natural complaisance in those zones lying away from it. Mitigation strategy may vary from zone to zone but remember! “Security remains a Serious Business”. Ignorance or overconfidence (which I consider inter-changeable) to downplay Security management can have serious repercussions. Hence it should be realized both by those intending to start and maintain a business, and those responsible for its security that Security needs to be given a serious thought.

Most MNCs worth their name have realized this importance of appropriate Security management of their operations over a period of time. Other have either learnt it through hard ways, or are in the process of realizing this importance. It is imperative on the Security managers at all levels to carryout correct  risk assessment of their company operations so as to recommend the best possible strategy to keep the risk levels to ALARP at all times.   

Author: M Zubair Chughtai

Muhammad Zubair Chughtai 193-E, Street 6, Askari-10, Lahore Pakistan Phone: +92-336-0011550 — E-Mail: — Summary Being a self-driven, result-oriented, change leader, skilled at articulating strategic road maps & execution models with broad experience in security management, integrated security & support services delivery, security risk management, loss prevention, investigations, business continuity, administration and general management, be a useful member of progressive outfits. Bringing my 35 years of military, corporate, cross-cultural-exposure, professional orientation and diversity to good use, be a dynamic team player and change agent. Experience Corporate Experience Jun 2010 - Mar 2019 • MOL Pakistan Country Head Security. Joined as Site Security Officer, promoted Security Coordinator in 8 months and Country Head Security since 2012 (reporting line – CEO in Pakistan and with technical reporting to the Corporate Security in Hungary). Performed following functions: Ø Security management of one drilling site to the entire country-level having ~50 major and minor sites spread over the entire Kohat Division, erstwhile FATA, Punjab and the company office in Islamabad Ø Liaison and intimate rapport with Government, LEAs (Armed forces/police & intelligence) and influential circles on important company/ Security matters in sync with Corporate Affairs Director Ø Rendered professional advice to the company top management & Corporate Office on managing company present and future operations within the prevailing Security climate/ challenges thereof Ø Intimate liaison and collaboration with all contemporary Level-2/3 managers on operational matters Ø Being member of Company Executive Board, rendered advice on top company level matters, issues and major Technical, Administration & Supply Chain management contracts for decision making Ø Direct administration of more than 1000 Security personnel (including 3 Lt Cols, 13 Majs and 4 other officers), which encapsulated contract management, relief/ rotation, performance management, etc Ø VIP protection at sites/ residences and on the move with elaborate technical security cover Ø Security management of over 20-25 convoys per day intra-area of operations in KP and also from/to Islamabad office under a well-documented journey management in close sync with Administration Ø Kept risks levels at ALARP through deployment of Security resources after due diligence including deliberate and documented Security risk assessment Ø Crisis management and BCM in the trying milieu of Pakistan. Providing inputs for future BD to include acquisition of new acreages in Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. Made some such areas in KP accessible for company operations, where even the Police and other LEAs was reluctant to deploy Ø Direct support in implementing HSE and other compliances through coaching of Security personnel at all sites. Many of my Security team members were often declared compliance and Safety champions and awarded Ø Documented training to include theoretical & practical crisis management and other mock exercises/ drills (security specific and general) in collaboration with operational teams and Security specific Ø Developed a wholesome Technical Security system of Multi-layered Technical Security to include Security Control Room, CCTVs including state of the art FLIR long-range cameras, HID CAS encrypted system both in office & the Field, Vehicle/ Personnel Tracking System, Pipeline surveillance system, Boosters for VHF communication, Emergency door alarm system - linked with e-mail/SMS, Electronic doors and barriers, etc N.B. Developed a proper concept of Security management system in the company during my initial years in MOL while holding all tertiary to the highest position of the newly organized Security department

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